Brainwave Inspectors


Rock-Wave-Punk from Marburg (Hessen/Germany)


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a short introduction in advance before publication of the official homepage:


"Brainwave Inspectors" is a strictly studio work based music project of the remaining members of the Rock´n´Ska Show band RAGATAG, which was founded in 1995 in Marburg and split in December 2017.


From 2016 on Bassist MP JOTTI began his work on new song material and together with his RAGATAG drummer STEVIE M the decision was not to stop creativity and so they recorded their first album "Freak show" and named the project "Brainwave Inspectors". 


Brainwave Inspector´s lyrics and music style are different to the sunny and funny chaotic RAGATAG Rock´n´Ska style. Here, the style of 70´s PUNK and 80´s New Wave had massive influence on MP JOTTI´s song writing and lyrics, because with this kind of music he had grown up. Also the lyrics are descriptive and point on different kinds of social or political misbehaviour, sometimes deal with true existing persons who behave like they were creatures in a Freak show. That´s why the album is called "Freak show"  


Release of the album is planned in November 2020 on ""